Solutions for Damaged Concrete Surfaces in Pickering

Pickering Concrete Repairs & Maintenance

Concrete is a highly durable material, but does need maintenance to prevent problems such as surface whiteness, flaking sealer, peeling sealer and cracks.

We are a professional concrete repairs company, fixing all types of concrete structure in Pickering. To prevent any further effects of adverse weather and corrosive elements that might affect reinforcing steel, we also offering protective coatings.

We can guide our Pickering clients through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection of concrete, with a tailored solution to provide long term durability.

Our concrete engineers are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide a full service. Whether you are getting emergency work carried out or just need to ask for some advice, we are here to help.

Concrete Repair Contractors Pickering

At Pothole Repairs UK we are specialists in concrete management. we are skilled in using repair mortars, corrosion management systems, protective coatings and strengthening processes. We can not only repair damage but prolong the life of your Pickering concrete structures for many years beyond their expected lifespans.

Whether your concrete problems are due to age-related deterioration, new build defects, or anything else in-between, our technical know-how and remedial solutions deliver value for money above industry standards.

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Imprinted Concrete Sealing for Pickering Surfaces

Imprinted concrete sealing in Pickering can be a tricky process if not performed correctly. If any concrete has been laid properly it should only require top-up coatings of concrete sealer every 4-5 years, to maintain a good surface condition.

However, if concrete has been poorly laid or not enough sealant applied when originally installed, problems can occur that may need solutions at a future date. Problems that we frequently encounter and are asked to put right include; colour loss, 'cracking' and general surface degradation.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your Pickering imprinted concrete, get in touch with us for rapid, cost-effective 24/7 repairs.

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